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OT: New Recording Service/ Website I Started

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  • OT: New Recording Service/ Website I Started

    I wanted to share a site I've been working on with everyone here- I'm offering an online service with a great bassist (I'm on drums) where we can engineer and perform drum and bass tracks for your projects. We can also do individual bass or drums if you don't need the full rhythm section. Drums are tracked at a professional commercial studio, not a home project studio like a lot of similar services have.  We are now offering a FREE demo for anyone interested in trying it out.  In addition to the studio drum tracks I'm also now offering MIDI drum tracks using my Roland TD-20 kit into Steven Slate Drums Platinum (with CLA expansion) or EZ Drummer, which is a more affordable service with a quicker turnaround time.  Rates, gear list, and sound clips are all available on our site:


    I'm open to any feedback/ comments/ questions etc, just wanted to get the word out to my fellow HCFXers in case you could use something like this for your projects.



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    Quite killer. This is something I'd love to do.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks guys!


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      Prices seem altogether reasonable as well. Good luck.