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Favorite distortion pedals for heavy rock? Wampler Pinnacle?


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  • Favorite distortion pedals for heavy rock? Wampler Pinnacle?

    I'm a big fan of that Marshall DSL, Soldano, Plexi-on-steroids sound. Basically a huge mid-range growl that makes your guitar sound huge in a band mix. Anyone know of a great pedal where I can get that mean powertube growl out of a box? 

    I'm currently using a Blackstar HT-Dual, which a good little pedal, but when you crank up your amp, it sounds like dirt/gain rests "on top" of your clean guitar tone. It's not in the "core" (if that makes any sense. You know, like when you have a tube head with the resonance knob cranked). 

    I've read up on the Wampler Pinnacle, and I think it may be the ticket (was kind of surprised the SLOstortion and Triple Wreck sounded a bit too compressed for me).

    Anyway, any other suggestions? Does this post make any sense to anyone else?


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    yeah, Wampler builds nice stuff. the Plextortion, Pinnacle or mabye the Sovereign... for that job. Many brands offers "Marshall" in a pedal, but it depends on your needs and how much gain you want? Menatone King of the Britains 7Knob version was one of the best Amps in a box i've ever playd. But it is more the Plexi/JCM800 route... The stuff from Rockett sounds killer to but i guess the Ten Ton Hammer is not exactly what you are after, and the Animal is again more the Plexi thing. Maybe the new C-Bread Dirty Little Secret.. - dunno. the Empress Multi Drive should do the job too... oh and check out the Emma Reezafratzitz/Reezafratzitz2 !!

    Good Deals with: CM1000, Hides-His-Eyes, HeartfeltDawn, Kayzer, kpd78, Neoflox, Sikor, SilenceSketches, Snufkino a. WAWBanks... !!"Sometimes you've got to stand out to fit in."


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    I've been really pleased with my Carl Martin Plexitone.  I haven't put it through a ton of different amps, but it has gone really well with my Fender Super Champ XD and a silver face Super Reverb.  It also has a really good boost.