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  • Hello? How U doin?

    Well I reset my password so I could be logged in for this. Finally hopin to get it rectified through the forum. One of the many reasons I haven't been around. So what's cracking bitches? Anything new? Is HCFX still full of ample amounts of man love or has it reverted to the dark side? Peace out!!!
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    Originally Posted by woolyh

    I thought in the States if someone comes in your home uninvited your legally allowed to kill them to death

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    Hello Mr. Wilson

    HCFX has been changed a bit...

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      Sup dawg.

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      Originally Posted by pasteface

      I want to Make a sound like on doors where It Gose PPPPPPPRRROWWWWWNNNN like a Bridg falliing Apart and When it Ecchoes


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        Good times with wilson here. 


        Sup wilson.

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        Other than STILL having to reset my password every time I log in (How Hard Can This Be To Change HCFX??) Same ol same ol. Hence the reasons why I hardly come round and post any more. To much hassle to log in like that every time. In other news Blake's charity gig is doing quite well. Anyone bidding on any of it?