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Do-It-Yourself IKEA Pedalboard REDUX

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  • Do-It-Yourself IKEA Pedalboard REDUX

    Here is my version of the IKEA pedalboard. 


    Ikea doesn't seem to make the size of the GORM shelves anymore that were used in the original IKEA Pedalboard. It now comes in two sizes. I used the 30 3/8" X 12 1/4 ". They come in a 2 pack and cost $11.

    The pine they use now is garbage so no amount of sanding is going to help. They come in two packs so I used the wood from the second shelf as well.

    I didn't have access to a table saw. I used a small handsaw and changed the design quite a bit.




    I cut out a piece of the lip in order to fit the board that would act as the back leg.



    I added a board on the underside. This acts as support for the back leg as well as a shelf for loose wires.



    I drilled holes in the back leg to match the holes on the shelf and used the Ikea bolts. I also used Gorilla glue to hold everything in place a little better.



    Before paint.



    I bored holes, painted and added the velcro. By coincidence the only color paint I had was orange. It would look better if I had used spray instead of a brush.



    I attached a powerstrip to the shelf on the underside with velcro. I didn't use any plastic ties.



    All wired up.


    I think in total it took about four hours of work. That doesn't include sitting in traffic on the way to Ikea.



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    Killer. Love the choice of pedals too. Everything you need!


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      Thanks. I don't like this version of the Big Muff. I may sell it and get a Fulltone 69 MKII.