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Inexpensive pedal for Metal/High Gain stuff?


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  • Inexpensive pedal for Metal/High Gain stuff?

    I am running it into a Blues Junior. I want something to play Pantera, Metallica, type stuff. It would also be nice if it can do classic hard rock tones, like JCM800 sounds too.

    I've had a Zvex Box o Rock, and a Crunch Box, but obviously those can't do high gain metal.

    Had a Metal Zone pedal when I was 14, but I think it's a bit outdated now.

    Can't afford expensive boutique stuff. Under $100.

    So far, the best pedal i've found is the MXR Fullbore 


    They can be had for very low prices on eBay. I like that it has an adjustable noise gate too, even though some people say it could be better.

    If you know of a pedal that sounds better for the same price range, holla.

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    MXR fullbore metal perhaps? My friend got one and likes it a lot. He's had quite a few high gain dirt boxes and thinks its great. I tried one in stores and thought it was pretty cool. The gate is a great feature.