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So I see the 8 step is available...

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  • So I see the 8 step is available...

    ...anyone have one yet? Is it awesome?

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    I got a message that my preorder shipped, so I'll let you know!

    Looking forward to using it with the Mobius, Timeline, and Moog Ringmod as well as developing some new pedals to make use of its capabilities.



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    An 8 step sequencer for cv or expression controlled pedals, I wanna try it with my Ravish....


    • #4
      Waiting for one to be shipped. I can't wait!


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        Sweet, sweet madness.


        • EHXengineering
          EHXengineering commented
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          Here's a short video Main Drag Music in Brooklyn did for the 8-Step.  Sounds sweeeeeeeet...


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        Oh boy


        • A.P. Ryder
          A.P. Ryder commented
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          For the love of Mike - WHY THE HELL DID I COME IN HERE???  I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!! 

          Edit:  Only $125.00?  Not bad.  Would be great with the ? Flanger.  Hmmmmmm.

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          Guess I need to get a pedal with cv, great another rabbit hole...


          • Faldoe
            Faldoe commented
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            I read the manual but I'm a little unclear - Is the an Expression In Thru? So if I don't want to loose the ability to use my expression pedal with a certain pedal, but also want to use the 8 step, can the 8 step be "bypassed" to allow for conventional control with the standard expression pedal?

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          • hwaorang
            hwaorang commented
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            Can this thing be used as a tap tempo pedal? It would be great if I could sync my Moog Murf and the CV input in the WMD Geiger Counter