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    There are old threads for the Bad Monkey so I wanted a fresh one for this Mod. I've had mine for a long time. Liked it as they say "for the price". But I recently did the mod found online of changing the C5 capacitor to a .1uf to smooth out the mid-hump. THIS WORKS. To my ears now this mod really makes it less harsh sounding and I think it still has about the same amount of overdrive. But now bass and treble controls seem to have more impact than they did before (one of the unknown factors about this pedal was the "boost" you got from the tone knobs). Now with this mod, the drive all the way down is a tad cleaner making it a better boost in front of a tube, but can really push the tube without that nasally midrange. Like I said, just sounds mre ear pleasing now.  $40 bucks and $1 for a capacitor.

    Oh, and i did not have a good time trying to work with that circuit board. Not fun so beware. SPANK THE MONKEY!