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Soldering question

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  • Soldering question

    Okay, so I've done a few simple soldering tasks like changing pickups and it worked fine...but if I'm dealing with smaller parts that get hot (caps, resistors, short wires), then what do I use to hold them in place while I solder?  Will some tweezers with a rubber grip work just fine?

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    I always use my fingers and savor the burn. That or a gator clip


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      The burn gets in the way when I play guitar and also work at a keyboard full time.  :-)

      I'll give alligator clips a shot.  I'm far from a handyman, if anyone else wants to chip in.

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    Beyond needlenose pliers, I use something along the lines of this:

    third hand

    You can get one for $10-15 off amazon or your local electronics store.

    I also have one of these to hold a circuit board and give me access to both top and bottom:


    It's a little more expensive, maybe $25-40, but it really makes the job much easier.  I use it all the time on pcb builds, while the extra hand above is only needed maybe 10\% of the time.

    Also, it may sound counterintuitive, but having a more powerful/adjustable soldering station with a narrow tip can minimize the amount of time you're applying heat and maybe stressing small components.

    If you're thinking of building pedals, or something along those lines, I highly recommend going to the buildyourownclone.com forum and perusing the thread they have there on building techniques.  There's lots of little things you wouldn't think of that make the job of assembling electronics a lot easier.

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      Thanks for the info PurpleTrails!