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Cool Analog Delays for Under $100

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  • Cool Analog Delays for Under $100

    I thought it would be cool to list some neat analog delay pedals for people without a ton of cash to spend.

    This morning I scored a Cutec AD-01. It's a really nice sounding delay that flies under the radar. A friend has one and it sounds a lot like my DM-2, but it's a lot cheaper. I got it on Guitar Center's website for $39.99.



    The other one I really like is the Tokai, which uses the same chip as the DM-2. I bought this one from Guitar Center's website for $10 a few months ago.


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    This thread peaks my interest.
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    • BG76
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      Cool. The Cutec and the Tokai both use the MN3005 chip which the Boss DM-2 uses.

      There are several others that are identical to the Cutec with a different name on them. Washburn and Stinger (which was Martin IIRC) also sold the Cutec one under their own brands.


      Here is (not my pic) a pic of the inside of the Cutec:



      Here is (not my pic) a picture of the Washburn model to clarify what I'm saying:



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    I think those KMD may be made by Pearl ...I find them sometimes....

    I had a PSK DL1 which was a copy of a DM3 but a tad noisier and a little lo fi ...very nice

    I've had several of those cheap mij analog delays ...tokai was my fave....sounded gr8
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    • Phil O'Keefe
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      KMD had another series with a different housing - I just can't recall if they were before or after the Boss style housings. I think they were the later versions, and the Boss style was earlier, but I'm just not sure anymore. I did have one of the other case style KMD pedals at one point, but it was an overdrive, not a delay. Looked like this:




      PS Thanks Bart.


      Oh, the delay in that housing looked like this:




      I didn't care for the switching on those as much.


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    Cool stuff. My favorite cheap analog day is the old Arion SAD-1. I have two. Seems like the prices have gone up in recent years though.


    • BG76
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      The Arion is def a cool pedal. I had their vibrato for a long time and it was really, really cool. For a long time I had their tuner because it was the only stomp box/kill the signal one out there.

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    No, the SAD1 has gone down! They were at 150 or so, and I see them about 50-70 sometimes. The Sch1 is still pricey and worth it.
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      Frontline boxes ... so aria maybe
      OTHERWORLDLY. Psychedelic, Noise, Shoegaze.Joey Levenson on SoundCloud


      • lefort_1
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        Korg PME


        Don't laugh, their analog delay is quite nice...and you can easily load up 4 slots for under $400 with great old effects. Aside from Mooer and the rest of the rips, how else can you do that nowadays?