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who runs the gearwhore.tumblr????

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  • who runs the gearwhore.tumblr????

    I need to have words with you.

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    You can tell me.

    WARNING: TC Electronics Pedals Are NOT REPAIRABLE. Instead of fixing my switch they wanted to charge me $72 plus shipping on a $99 pedal to replace all electronics, when only the switch was defective. This is their blanket repair policy on ALL repairs. They have no replacement switches. The switch is on the board so substituting a different switch can't work. Do not buy pedals from companies that cannot repair their own switches.


    • King Rat
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      seriously though.

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    I follow them but either they don't post a whole lot or I don't check tumblr too often since I don't see too much from them. I do remember not agreeing with their advice to people asking questions quite often though.
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      I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I want another amp to play with two amps. What amp do you think that would combine with the sound of my Hot Rod? I play New-wave, Postpunk

      the hot rod deluxe does niether sound particularly well as its really a blues/garage sounding amp, but its okay because they retain value. See if you can pick up a mesa boogie. it has the smooth cleans and angry dirty channels that those two styles really demand. one combo mesa should be fine. speaking with bobby though he suggests the AC30 or fender twin. 

      - Marvin




      My musicMy band"You can never have too much reverb son - write that down.- Phil Spector


      • King Rat
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        yeah that advice seems a bit whack... but then again, do they make any claims to know what they are talking about really?


        my grife is stolen images/copyright infringement..

        several of my photos have had the water mark cropped out then used and now are being whored out all over the shop. I don't want $$ or anything but wtf. it's just not cool.

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      I'd start slinging C&Ds at that idiot.

      My musicMy band"You can never have too much reverb son - write that down.- Phil Spector


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        I think you just need to sign up for a tumblr account and contact them that way. There's some good info on what to say to them here: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/


        • Shine-ei
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          welcome to the internet, anything you put on here will be stolen. I've had content stolen lots, My songs are on grooveshark, free downloadable off non affiliated sites, etc... I didn't put em there, not a whole lot I can do about it. I don't really care either, but I can see why you're mad as he's removed your watermarks.... that's pretty grease when someone else takes credit for your work. 


          You can either:


          1. Make a big deal out of it, spend a bunch of time and effort trying to get some sort of compinsation with minimal to no result. (none that are worth the time)

          2. Send the guy a message and ask him to either take them down or simply give you credit for photos (which is probably the best rout). I would personally say, you can use them but leave my watermark on them. That way you get free advertising. 

          3. Be happy your content is good enough so that someone else finds this much value in it and don't take it too personally. Internet one giant lost and found bin for digital content, anyone's gunna grab something good.