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People that inspire you to play.

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  • People that inspire you to play.

    Whenever I am feeling down or just not getting it on the guitar, I'll play this video and the world is right again.

    The video is a cover of this guy, enjoy.

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    Scofield, Frisell and Chris Whitley


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      That guy with a bucket on his head


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    It's more the people I get chances to play with for me. There's a drummer from back home that's currently residing in Toronto, great friend of many years and we've jammed many times together, but when we play its inspiring to always want to take things to the next level. A Doors cover could turn into a reggae jam with us, anything is possible.

    Those are the musical moments that inspire me the most; playing with people that can absolutely tear apart thier instrument and keep thier cool while doing it.
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