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What kind of beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW!

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  • Quote Originally Posted by christianatl
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    Dude, you seriously have a problem.

    Really... I don't normally say anything about that kind of stuff but my friend was drinking 4 40 oz bottles a day and I thought that was bad..


    • Big Sky IPA.
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      • Dear Christ even worse than the miller lowlife...

        I'm drinking an old e.
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        • Tom, good shout. St. Peter's do some amazing beers. Their honey porter rules.
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          • Not beer, but delicious and not even that expensive.

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            • Had this from the tap last night, never tried it before but liked it a lot. Apparently the Sam Adams guys are behind it.

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              • Beefeater Hanky Panky

                Plymouth Martini

                Bollinger Rose NV

                Madiran, Ch
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                • a cheap Bordeaux that was pretty damned good for the $
                  Widmer Bros. Oktoberfest--it's ok


                  • Picked up a case of this and like six decks of smokes so I wouldn't have to shake the spot this weekend. The tourists and consumers are out in force on my island.....even a quick jump to the liq is hassle.
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                    • black star
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                      <img src="images/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>marc758</strong>
                      <a href="showthread.php?p=33197930#post33197930" rel="nofollow"><img class="inlineimg" src="images/buttons/viewpost-right.png" alt="View Post" /></a>
                      <div class="message">There is something about a gold top.</div>

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                      • Beef
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                        Breck Van Port

                        Starting off with this guy.  Not bad, not the best but not bad.  Definitely a little different.  What about the rest of you folks?

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                    • Free bud light. I'd rather not drink.
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                    • Nice Beef, Avery is the best.


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                        Yeah, Avery is one of those breweries that I don't think I've ever had a bad brew from.

                    • Bell's Smitten Golden Rye Ale

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                      • puretube
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                        been a while, but...