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Fulltone GT-500 or Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet?


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  • Fulltone GT-500 or Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet?

    If anyone has used either or both of these pedals I would love to hear from you.  I use a Fulltone OCD as my main OD sound.  I want to put together a smaller pedalboard and have a dual pedal that can cover the OCD sound as well as a more Marshally distortion sound.  Since Iove the OCD so much I think I'm going to stay with a Fulltone pedal. but which one?  These both have dual sounds.  Which is better for what I need?  Or is there a better choice?

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    The Fulldrive is really best for boosting amps or another pedal. Run it into your OCD for high gain. Never tried the GT-500 but it seems to be a high gain pedal on its own but I don't think it will give you the tones of the OCD.
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      I've got a non-MOSFET fulldrive that I use as a big part of my tone. It works great for a good crunch, and then more gain when you hit the boost. Granted, not as much as my Marshall puts out, but it's enough...

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    I have the Gray GT500 and often rave about it, i need to get back playin it actually. Ive been exploring new Dirts lately. I know the GT500 is a stellar pedal, Im also a visual artist and the GT500 usually gives me very Vivid and wild mental images while playing even sober...


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      If i need a very heavy and artistic articulate dirt pedal to use that cuts thru the GT will be first choice. The boost side is great its deep and very tubey sounding, ive heard Od side is the fat boost not sure if true tho. The Dist side ...is different. Havent heard it in a while, its probably got the most diverse EQ sweep of any dirt pedal i have, the mids is a wah pedal inductor pot makes it cut very well, prolly gives it all the visual effects??

      The fiulldrive ive only heard clips of, i should try it see if i can get it to sound good. I can usually find good stuff in a pedal if its there. The clips do nothing for me, i can barely even hear any effect its having on the tone at all?

      My first booteaks were fulltones and i like all their stuff, however going with fulltone to get the sound in your head just cuz the other pedal was made by fulltone? The sound in ur head is non physical, it doesnt care WHO makes the actual pedal, its just seeking a certain frequency and texture etc to fullfill that sound. So TO ME the brand and cost of the pedal is kinda... Irrelavent??


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        EEEK    I HATE TO WAS ALL PHILOSOPHICAL ON A GEAR FORUM  but you will get that!  


        But anyways just about to Jam Out w   The GT 500 ,  havent heard it in a while so i will report back .  

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      It was not me , i never tried Ocd, i jave trower OD though.