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  • Lets talk about Snarling Dogs


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    I had a fuzz-buzz for a while. It was somewhere between a muff and a ballsy overdrive. It was nice.


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      Worth it for the LED placement alone
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      • Phil O'Keefe
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        Aaron SS wrote:
        Worth it for the LED placement alone


        Old post / thread, but I agree - cool LED placement. Best ever? I dunno... I'd say these two are at least in the running:


        Malekko 600B


        Skreddy Pig Mine

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      I had a mold spore that was a lot of fun. I think I traded it on here a long time go.
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        A mate had the wah. can't remember ever using it.
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          I had one of those Very Tone Dog pedals
          the green ones were the V1 pedals, the V2 had bare metal with green dog face
          it had a certain appeal, but I only found a couple of settings useful - surf setting and jazz setting - and it worked best with Humbuckers (to get a single coil sound) and not so good vice versa (with single coils to get a HB sound)
          Snarling Dogs was one of those companies that built a reputation on the true bypass hype


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            oh thats what it does


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              I've had the Black Dog and Blue Doo overdrives. All of the overdrives are slightly tweaked copies of the original EHX Hot Tubes. They sound pretty good and can be found on ebay usually under $50.
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                i had a wonder wah. POS that weighed a ton. A TON!
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                Originally Posted by IRG:
                "reunula speaks the trooth"


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                  Had a Wonder Wah 2. I liked the sound of it, but it was HUGE. Also, it got to where it wouldn't stay if i tried to leave it for half cocked wah sounds. I liked the sweep though. Might see if I can find another for cheap. Also those Mold Spore pedals have gone through the roof in price
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                    Also those Mold Spore pedals have gone through the roof in price

                    No kidding. I remember when they couldn't be given away when Snarling Dogs went under, those things were everywhere, even on eBay for $10 at best.
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                      The Fuzz Buzz is a keeper.


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                          TomVanDeven wrote:

                          Dude's shop is a mile down the street from me in NJ. Nice guy. Doesn't even carry his own pedals. Some badass guitars on the wall. Mold Spore sounds like my kind of pedal (never tried it), but is my nominee for the ugliest pedal ever.

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                          TomVanDeven wrote:

                          Seriously... what's on his feet? Where would you find **************** like that?

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                        Ya mold spore is pretty cool, had one but sold it.


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                          I had a Bootzilla wah, and it sounded like a volcano throwing up in the best way. The build quality was poop, though.