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On Topic (WOW!!!) NPD: Boss DC-2 and a stereo rig question

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  • On Topic (WOW!!!) NPD: Boss DC-2 and a stereo rig question

    I just took possession of a Boss DC-2.  One of my favorite chorus's of all time was the Boss CE-300, but I could never work a rack into my rig and there were some other quirks to it that made me give it up. I recently started thinking about trying to clone one in pedal form when a fellow DIY'er pointed out that the DC-2 was the same circuit, but with presets instead of knobs. I checked out the schematic and realized he was right and then I saw what they sell for . . . 

    Then one popped up on ebay at a decent starting bid and I bid on it for the heck of it - turns out I was the only bidder.  Two minor dings, but otherwise looks like it was delivered by a time machine from 1986 . . . 

    The sound is everything I remember - what an amazing chorus. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of running it in stereo . . . truly amazing. It sounds good in mono, but it completely opens up and becomes very present in stereo.  So the quesiton now is how best to run a stereo rig - I'm thinking either getting a Vox Pathfinder to get some spread or just buying another head, like a Micro Terror, and running my 2x10 in stereo (my main amp is a Mesa TA-15).

    How much does spread matter?  Has anyone run stereo out of one cab like this? 

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    Yup..its gorgeous in stereo...maybe the 2nd out is inverted?
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      seifukusha wrote:
      Yup..its gorgeous in stereo...maybe the 2nd out is inverted?


      I don't recall the details of the DC-2's circuit design, but that's a fairly common way of creating a second, "stereo" out on chorus pedal. And chorus nearly always sounds even better when running in stereo.


      As far as which amp to get - any ~15W head or combo would be a contender - and there's a lot of choices in that power range these days. As far as what to do with the speakers... I'd personally recommend adding a second cabinet (or getting a combo amp) to go with your existing rig, instead of trying to wire your 2x10 cab up for stereo. Depending on the speaker impedance and the requirements of the amps, you could probably do so fairly easily (if it isn't already wired for stereo), but there are bound to be times when you want to spread those speakers further apart... and yes, where you place the speakers (and where you, the band, and the audience are located, relative to the two speakers / cabinets) can and does make a considerable difference in how you'll all perceive the sound. Placed close together, the stereo field will be narrower. Move them further apart and it gets wider and more dramatic... but if you go too far, you can start to get a "hole in the center" of the soundfield.



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    UMM yeah I have a DC 2 will run it in stereo  now ,havent before.  thanks,

    I have a Recto 4x12 that is stereo, and in my experience or opinion .... The stereo sonic effect doesnt become apparent until there is at least six to ten feet of separation in the speakers.

    sure you can run a stereo cabinet but imo you wont be able to hear  a difference because the speakers are still to close ... way too close.  Thats why the best JC120's had detachable speakers on the older jc120 combos.