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  • Potential Looping-only Pedalboard

    I'm thinking of putting together a second board consisting of strictly looping effects, as pictured below:

    The idea would be for my main board to hit the EP boost (as a "sparkly" buffer) then into the ABY with A going R in/out (Jamman) -> R in/out (Boomerang) -> 60's Fender Reverb Tank -> Dr. Z Maz 38 2x10 and B going into the mixer which will go R out -> Boss RC -> M9 -> L in/out (Jamman) -> L in/out (Boomerang) -> SF Super Reverb

    The other mixer channels will be used for either a mic and banjo or laptop. I'm still working on using the stereo pan feature of the mixer to be able to send some things to the guitar amp when needed and some to a PA - it could be a very versatile rig, it seems!

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    I dig it


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    It will be interesting to hear how the mixer works out for you. My main concern is that the PA and the guitar amp have different level and impedance requirements, so using the line outputs from one mixer to send signal to both may not be ideal. You may need a level / impedance converter stage on one "side" of the stereo output. The rest of the setup looks really cool though!



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      I'm thinking I'd have the side that would potentially go to the mixer his a DI first. I really need to explore the mixer integration a bit more but I'm excited at the possibilities before me.