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Has anyone tried the BOSS eband JS-8?

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  • Has anyone tried the BOSS eband JS-8?

    It is an all in one metronome/phrase sampler/mp3 jam along unit with built in speakers and guitar effects processing unit. At 399 it seems a bit spendy, but the videos I have seen make me think this unit would be perfect for night time practice/jam sessions. If you have playes around with one, I would greatly appreciate your input.

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    I own a js-8 for a week now...a great practicing tool. GT-10 effects (only harmonizer missing) and a smart audioplayer for practicing. You can change the pitch and the speed of your MP3s and cancel the lead voice...don't expect miracles but it is better than in the Micro BR that I owned before. Plays directly from you USB stick or from SD card - comes with a 1GB SD card with 300 8bar audio loops...all styles rock, metal, pop, jazz, country. The speakers are a little bit weak, clear sound, but not very loud. OK for the living room though. The js-8 only plays MP3s with 44.1 khz sample rate and bit rates from 64 to 328 Kbit/s so you might need to re-code your playback files (easy with tools such as CDEX). Overall if you like boss and their gear, you won't be disappointed. A real fun and useful jamalong tool.

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      You will be able to tell by my questions that I don't understand a lot about backing tracks and loops, but trying to learn.
      I have read the info on the JS-8 and it sounds like the type practice tool I could use (spend most of my time alone). Would like to know: I assume the backing tracks have a set chord progression. Is it possible to change the chord progression in these backing tracks and save them for latter playback?

      I have a JS-5 and I call those backing tracks. I can change the chord progression and save the results for later play. Just wondering if I can do something similiar with the JS8, or do I always have to use the factory chord progression.

      Thanks a lot. Opala


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        I know that this is a guitar trainer, but does anyone know if you could also plug in your bass (which you can do for instance with the Tascam GT-R1)?


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            After some years, the price has gone crazy out there. Just in time for starting my new hobby with electric guitar, I've just picked up a brand new JS-8 for $199. eebbbayy or ammmazon ... I'm not affliliated with any seller.