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Boss RC-3 looper

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  • Boss RC-3 looper

    Thinking of a basic looper pedal. Maybe a Boss RC-3.

    Is every loop going to have the same tone? Let's say I record a clean rhythm loop. Can I then layer an overdriven solo over the top? I would guess that as you change your amp settings, the recorded loop tone will change.

    Alternatively, if you are using a pedal to get the overdriven tone for the solo, could you in this way combine clean and overdriven tones in your "song"?

    I am guessing you can put multiple layers on a loop. However, employing various tones would probably not be an option. All the same tone? Maybe some loopers also have inbuilt effects to overcome this? They would have to be good effects though as I usually rely on a couple of quality stomp boxes or amp settings to get my tone.

    This pedal also has drum loops I hear. If the amp is set to high gain then obviously the drums will sound high gain, which would sound like rubbish I would guess.

    DigiTech JamMan is the other option. Don't want to spend big $ but maybe you have to in order to get the functionality I would prefer.

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    I got an RC-30 and really love it. You can layer whatever you want on top. Although it should be last in the chain if youre mixing in your pedals. But you wouldnt be able to loop your amp dirt, because its essentially after the looper in this case. And yes the amp distortion would affect the looped sample and/or drumbeats.

    Ive always played with pedals>looper>amp until just recently when I got a new amp and started using the amp distortion. That forced me to stick my delay/reverb/looper in the FX Loop. Doing this allowed me to use amp distortion alongside the looper signal without it distorting the sample and drumbeats.

    So it sounds like you'd want that in your FX loop if your amp has one. I'm pretty sure the looper will loop the amp distortion if its setup like this. Ive never actually tried it though because I'm usually using loops with my pedals.

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      If you put the looper in the effects loop you can use different tones. That way the drum tracks wont be distorted either. I have a JamMan Stereo and use it this way, before I hade an RC-2.

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        Thanks. It seems that the Boss RC-2, JamMan and maybe Akai Headrush are the major players in basic loopers. TC make a very cheap one now too, the Ditto.

        bierball, what made you choose the JamMan over the Boss?