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Boards of Canada's New Album: Tomorrow's Harvest

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  • Boards of Canada's New Album: Tomorrow's Harvest

    Posting because I know there are/were a few BOC fans on here. Due for release 10 June in the UK & 11 June in the US.


    They haven't released anything since Trans Canada Highway in 2006 and the waiting has been filled with little info from the reclusome twosome save for some recent clues and a mystery website that went live today.




    More about this



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    Awesome, thanks for the heads up


    • Faldoe
      Faldoe commented
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      I am a big BOC fan, so yes; thanks for posting! Looking forward to it.

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    Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

    I hadn't heard yet, but they are one of my favorite groups.


    "Nothing but the best for my dog." - Frank Zappa


    • dZjupp
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      this is awesome, i thought they were dead

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    Very excite.
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      I think I'm not going to listen to anything besides Reach for the Dead until the vinyl arrives.
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      • Texas Noise Factory
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        I think I'm going to listen to Tomorrow's Harvest today.

        I was able to capture the live stream of the full album yesterday. I was working at the time, so I didn't get to hear it then.

        I'm surprised nobody here was listening.