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Korg is making Moog-style pedals now...

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  • Korg is making Moog-style pedals now...


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    This pleases me.


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      I have not checked the whole site yet, but it appears that they're in Germany. I'm not seeing any connection with or mention of Korg on their site...



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        Koma has been around for a little while now. what's it have to do with korg? (nothing)
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          nomenclature wrote:
          Koma has been around for a little while now. what's it have to do with korg? (nothing)

          indeed, nothing!

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          I saw them in a demo of unreleased Korg stuff and it linked to them. Between that and the name similarity, I thought it was a Korg sub-line for the boutique market. I also for some reason thought Korg was German, but they're Japanese.

          It was really late at night, leave me alone!

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        ah I get it Modular style pedals. I loved it. If they ever make a oscillator pedal for that particular company with sine waves and every known waves, I'll buy it. As long as it's Polyphonic!
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          cool, but it seems nothing related to KORG:mantongue:

          make some noizzzzze


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          They look cool to me, but I thought I remembered seeing some videos that underwhelmed me before. I'll need to check into them again though. They really do look cool!