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New guitar: GRETSCH!


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  • New guitar: GRETSCH!

    my first gretsch! i wanted one for so long, now i finally have my first gretsch - i longed for those filtertron sound for soooo long really. it's a gretsch g6119-1962ft tennessee rose. first impression: it's great to look at! hah! and it has a lot of switches and knobs, hmm ... i like that.

    but before i can begin my irresistible rise to the rock'n'roll olymp i have to set it up properly. it has a not fixed bridge. but posing in front of the mirror with it around my nice loin it shure feels sexy. any gretsch lovers out there?


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    Wow - that's a beautiful guitar! Congratulations!


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      Very nice indeed!

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    I love that sexy beast. Grats! 1970 6120 here
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      optically i LOVE EVERYTHING on that guitar: the halfmoon thumbnails, the pickuplook, the bigsby, the pickguard - hell! - even the painted f-holes ... it's just a classy guitar. and the sound is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, like they say: *putting southern accent on* THAT great gretsch sound *southern accent off"g1.jpgg2.jpg

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    Haha, i like my guitars just like my music: old and dirty.
    MY MUSIC: https://theshea.bandcamp.com/


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      all jelly and **** over here, may the muse flow like water w/ u...