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    I've been using my Analogman CompROSSer for 13 years now, and recently got a ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi, which is also a great comp.  Because I've been so in love with the AM Comp, I've basically ignored compressors for the past dozen years.  They are becoming my new obsession ,in that I would like to try one or two more to add to the collection.  Any comp recommendations?  Like fuzz, I find compressors are quite addicting.

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    • A.P. Ryder
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      Yeah, that is one I've been wanting to try.

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    Find the old guyatone driving box compressor...youll find them where you live....all my other comps, but thats stayed...its a script dynacomp with the ca can..but its a bit different
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    • sparkfriction
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      Barber Tone Press - great if you like blend options on comps.

      Empress is the best - just playd a few minutes, but thats for real one of the finest compressors

      EQD the Warden is intressting

      yeah and the Wampler Ego Comp is not bad.

      the Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter is a sleeper and great for the "always on without color squish" type of player. good tone quality! 

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    The Analogman already gives you the two most influential pedal compressor designs - the Ross / Dyna-Comp, and the Orange Squeezer. Those two designs (the Ross and the Dyna Comp are extremely close to each other design-wise) are the basis for tons of the compressor pedals you'll come across. IMO, there would be no real reason to seek out a Keeley or a Malekko compressor, because both of those are based on the Ross, and you already have a very good Ross type compressor.

    For something a bit different, maybe consider the MI Effects Compressor. It's got tons of control, and it's a very cool sounding pedal. The Diamond compressor would be another good choice that isn't a Ross or Orange Squeezer clone.




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    • conky
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      These days I prefer plain ol power amp tube compression but I would like to play around with a Dynacomp for the hell of it.