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Favorite Phaser Features?

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  • Favorite Phaser Features?

    What features do you look for in a phaser? Do you like lots of options (ie rate, volume, depth, tone, resonance, etc), or do you prefer something simpler (like just rate and volume)?

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    thanks for this thread

    i like both, but the most phasers with with just rate (speed) didnt worked for me... i prefer my phaser in front of the dirt. control over depth, volume and resonance is super cool to get the right "phase" sound with any of my dirt. on the other hand, i dig phase on cleans and need to compensate the output.

    but i just use 3 of 10 possible settings/sounds if it comes to phase-sounds tbh... i would love a simple phaser that works.

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    • sparkfriction
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      p.s.: tried a lots of phasers - slap me if you want more insides from a customers view

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    Stereo width control
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      I prefer a more fully-featured phaser over a single knob one. The Phase 45 / Phase 90 and the Small Stone, as cool as they are, never appealed to me as much as two (or more) knob phasers. I want rate and depth as a bare minimum... and resonance / feedback is also quite handy. Again, I'd rather have a Boss PH-1r than the slightly older PH-1, just because the 1r has the res knob.


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        Like pretty much all effect categories, (dirt, delay, reverb, etc.) phasers can have really unique voicings from model to model, no matter how they are set.

        Whenever I try a new phaser, I always start by trying to set it as close to the sound of a Small Stone as much as possible as a sort of ground zero reference point, then I begin tweaking from there. Of all the phasers I own, none of them can really sound like a Small Stone except the Small Stone. But in working from the point of reference I begin to find the unique voice .

        So really it isn't so much about features for me as it is about finding the unique sweet spots of each phaser, and how those voices can be applied to my songs most effectively.

        But if I could add a feature set to every phaser?  I would add stereo phasing, stereo ins and outs, an effect loop, and CV input with options to control the rate, the depth, and to manually sweep the phaser.

        Phasers I have?

        Effectrode Phaseomatic Deluxe

        Mu-Tron Phasor I

        Morley Tel-Ray PFV

        EHX Small Stone v1, v2, and v3

        EHX Bad Stone (muff - sized enclosure)

        EHX Bad Stone (treadle version)

        EHX PolyPhase (DMM - sized enclosure)

        EHX The Worm (DMM - sized enclosure)

        EHX X0 The Worm

        EHX The Wiggler

        EHX Flanger Hoax

        EHX XO Stereo PolyPhase

        EHX Bi-Phase


        • MacBradley
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          It would be nice if more phasers (and mod FX in general) had wet/dry mix controls.

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        super slow sweep (which is why I like the whetstone). more features/options the better. would be nice to have more control of the filter. to be able to set the start and end frequencies would be awesome.
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        I use Empress and Infinityphase the most and they very deep. Envelope, lets u no wen 2 get it down, Gain knob on Empress (at waist level for tweeking) often is very useful sitting in as Master Volume for my whole rig, exp control on mah biphase MAKES the biphase, along with its thin but 3D toans!


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          I think the small stone is the best and musical one out there, but a few odd shapes waveforms like sawtooths would be nice (no square wave, it's not that useful)
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          • Urinate Forever
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            resonance/feedback, speed, depth. volume if necessary.

          • alien
            alien commented
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            Hangdrew i think whetstone is clone with other wave shapes etc and ring mod,

            I use infintyphase and empress da miost, envelope rock me, Gain nob, exp pedal IS bi phase