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  • NPD!

    I've tried a ton of different Superfuzz variants, derivatives, and clones and none of them quite grabbed me like this one. The one guitar store that carries interesting pedals was trying to blow out their Z. Vex line and I got this one for $240 brand new in box. For whatever reason the bluegrass and country **** in Fbnks can't get down with Zvex. 



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    If anyone is looking for cheaper Z. Vex's look up Grassroots Guitars in Fairbanks, I'm sure they'll ship and I think they're knocking about a hundred or more off of the price.
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      Very nice - I like the paint job on that one a lot.



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      • WeStartToDrift
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        Yeah! Its one of Myrol's from their 10th anniversary. The only gripe I have with it is the standard Zvex no 9v jack, otherwise this thing is worth every penny.

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      Im thinking like 240 is kind of a lot and hardly an blow out? Doesnt GC/MF aka bain capitol stock zvex?


      • orourke
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        So you took that picture while you where going like 70 mph?


        Don't you worry your gonna hit a moose or something?

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      No Mooses on that road
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      • TomVanDeven
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        hangwire wrote:
        No Mooses on that road

        Plural moose is just moose.


        And there may be, the narrow scope of view the picture does not allow for very accurate judgement of such things.