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    new pedalboard day?

    made from wood, so I could lay down some velcro or zipties or bicycle links and get them all lined up and fit together... 

     photo null_zps63254137.jpg

    it might be big enough to fit all my pedal junk on actually...


    but serious, New Porch Day...


    this is what I had to deal with after winter's ice damage:




     photo null_zps7c9506cb.jpg


    and after a whack with a maul:


     photo null_zps72838afb.jpg


    so after day one and some drain tile suprises:


     photo null_zps2e92125c.jpg


    so a Sidecar is a nice reward


     photo null_zps7ea496db.jpg

     to go along with dinner:


     photo null_zpsb7613319.jpg


    and the end result... still needs some lattice on the bottom, and a handrail, but that is all pretty work that will finish up next saturday

     photo null_zps63254137.jpg


    FOR SALEBruno Royal Artist 12 string hollowbody $525Tapco 6000R spring reverb mixer

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    the broccoli is the best part.



    • hangwire
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      Faldoe wrote:

      the broccoli is the best part.

      brocclli with a quick toss over hot coals is no joke... that silver packet is some onions and mined garlic as a toping for the other stuff