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    picked up this little ditty yesterday. Its an 80's Roadstar Series II. Made in Japan. Great guitar, at a good price too - $250 and the dude gave me an extra case too. Frets are in really good shape. Dude replace the pots with CTS and the knobs are Gibson. I'm going to pick up shredding M/


    the goods

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    that thing is awesome.

    Great deal

    Enjoy it
    check out my sweet dealzzz, I got tons of them


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      I always liked the Roadstars - nice Ibanezes! :emoticon-object-092: :smileythumbsupsmall:


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        Phil O'Keefe wrote:

        I always liked the Roadstars - nice Ibanezes! :emoticon-object-092: :smileythumbsupsmall:


        I think they're still kind of unknown in terms of their abilities/value/bang for the buck. For MIJ, it's great deal. Just put new strings on it and set it up. Really nice player.