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Faking a second guitar...


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  • Faking a second guitar...

    Is there a way to use two cabinets with my 50 W tube head, and switch the second cabinet on and off to simulate a second guitarist? I'm thinking of  using a delay pedal with a very rapid repeat to fatten the sound, in conjunction with some sort of on/off-switch for speakers giving the illusion of two guitarists. Is there such a product?

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    You would probably be better off using two amps or even a stereo guitar where you can output multiple pickups separately.


    A second cab will sound bigger than just one but it will be perfectly synchronized with the other cab even if you run a doubler type effect into the amp (they will both sound "doubled" the same way).


    It could help, I suppose, and I think you might be able to do something like this with one of the Radial products, but you'd also want to make sure your amp's impedance doesn't suddenly change. An attenuator might help with that depending on hte model.



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      it won't sound like two guitarists.

      but 2 amps and a A/B-Y switch would get you a thicker sound going betwen 1 amp and 2 amps.