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PayPal and eBay Double Dipping My Account


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  • PayPal and eBay Double Dipping My Account

    I thought I would give everyone here the heads up on what happened to me.

    I sold about 5 items on eBay and have eBay hooked into my PayPal account. When I received payment (which is held for at least 21 days by eBay) PayPal is hooked into the shipping (Canada Post) and I make up the shipping order and pay for it through PayPal. Since PP was holding the money for eBay, they went into my bank account and withdrew the cash for the Canada Post shipping charges directly from my account.

    So here is where they get funny. Now that the 21 days is coming due and they are allowing me to access the money, I am getting emails saying, for example, $220 is available. But when I go to transfer that money into my bank account, it will only let me access $199. The difference is THEY ARE CHARGING ME AGAIN FOR THE SHIPPING. I just go off the phone after over 1 hour on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and PP has agreed to refund me almost $100 for the overcharges. But not for another couple of days.

    I am glad to have sold the stuff, but the process is far from smooth, and they seem to be taking a huge bite out of the sale price, and waiting 21 days plus another week for the cash to show up really takes the fun out of it. Not to mention the above attempted theft.

    Charges are:

    Listing fees

    2.9% plus .30 per transaction from PayPal

    Then eBay takes 10% of the shipping fees

    Then eBay takes 10% of the selling amount.

    I think if something is selling for $200 you are lucky to get $150 for it.

    Well at least I was able to flip a bunch of stuff I was not using and buy a nice Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 30 combo amp.






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    It's because of stuff like this that I hardly ever sell anything on Ebay. I understand they need to make their money, but the fees have gotten out of hand IMO.



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      You bin' bayPal'd
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        Paypal was pretty kool at first, then i got a notice i had to open an account or they were cutting me off from buying on ebay. So i opened an account. I always paid with my credit card, no problems. Then they pulled the same thing again saying, if I didn't give them access to my checking account I couldn't use paypal. I told them both to stick it and they just lost a ebay customer. I enjoyed buying on ebay but not enough to trust then with my banking information. what a racket!