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Bachelor Thread #257: Best Grilled Cheese


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  • Bachelor Thread #257: Best Grilled Cheese

    I know a lot of you must make a mean grilled cheese (like myself) so what's your favorite way to prepare this delicious treat?  For the older heads with kids, what sort of ridiculous demands do your children have for their grilled cheese?


    I want real answers here... What kind of bread and cheese do you like?  How much cheese?


    I just made an awesome sandwich made from White sandwich bread (the smaller square slices), 1 slice of provolone and ~1.5 slices of swiss.  I'll try using a little more provolone next time.


    I wish I had taken a picture but it was too good to wait.

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    moar peanutbutter, as lactose intolerence...

    changes come w/ the whether...


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      dice up some jalapenos 

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    White bread, mature cheddar and Worcester Sauce. Standard.


    • coloringpad
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      Any bread + any cheese + any jelly = heaven. Look it up on the interwebs.


      Personally: rye + jalepeno + blueberry

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    If you want delicious, skip the grilled cheese altogether and go right to BBQ brisket.
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      Bacon up that bitch


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        Basic, simple, classic...

        Take two pieces of bread. The type is entirely up to you. Butter ONE side of each. Use real butter. That margarine stuff'll kill ya. Put a slice or two of Kraft American cheese in between the two slices of bread - butter side out, with the cheese in the middle. Lay it down in a pre-heated, non-stick pan (low-medium heat), and cook each side until toasty. Yes, you'll need to flip it over with a spatula at one point to accomplish this. I know that can be tricky...




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          PS Serve with a cup of Campbell's Tomato Soup, and a pickle on the side.

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        This is how my grandma used to do it:

        Heat two cast iron skillets over high heat. In the meantime, take two slices of bread and butter one side of each with real butter. For basic, place two slices of American cheese betwen the two slices of bread (butter sides out), with optional tomato slices between the cheese slices. For fancy, spread a very thin layer of mustard onto one slice of bread, distribute shredded sharp cheddar (or any other cheese you like) over the mustard, and top with the other bread slice (again, butter sides out). When the skillets are sizzling hot, turn off the heat. Place the sandwich into one skillet and top with the other skillet. When you hear the cheese run out and sizzle, your sandwich is done.


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          ummmmmmm... cast iron.

          Makes me want to blacken some fish...perfect day for it.


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        I can't believe you guys are just dismissing my method
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            brb making grilled cheese

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