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    Had some stuff stolen out of my car in Chicago. On a Sunday morning too...

    $200 reward to whoever helps me find it! Here's what was taken.


    - PT-Pro with custom olive green ATA case from Eloquent Creative. It has casters and a pull out handle.

    - Line 6 POD HD Pro

    - Diamond Compressor. S/N: 1585

    - Xotic RC Booster

    - Barber Dual Discrete. Red enclosure. Has LTD SR on one side and DD Super Sport on the other.

    - DOD FX-17 Wah/Volume

    - Eventide Pitchfactor. S/N: PF-06113

    - Line 6 DL4. Bare metal enclosure. Upgraded switches and white LEDs

    - Eventide Timefactor. S/N: TF-13336

    - Eventide Space. S/N: SP-01137

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    holy sht dude thats a lot of eventide to lose. My condolences. Thats my worst fear playing shows in bad areas in Philly.

    I kinda chuckled at the "even on a sunday" thing.

    "Hey Jerry lets just leave that stuff alone, its too much to be lifting on the Holiest of days"



    • Faldoe
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      That sucks man.

      Also. NEVER leave gear in your car.

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    That's awful, man. Keep an eye out on Craigslist, maybe contact Rock N Roll Vintage, Chicago Music Exchange, Guitar Center, etc. to tell them to be on the lookout for your gear if you haven't already.

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      Yeah. Lesson learned. Figured it was a safe enough area and it was only going to be a like an hour or two. Guess I'll just have to get better at guitar now harharhar


      • Faldoe
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        Oh wow, how long were you gone from the car?

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      Sorry to hear about this. Mojo sent.


      "Look at it this way: think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of 'em are stupider than that."

      - George Carlin

      "It shouldn't be expected that people are necessarily doing what they appear to be doing on records."

      - Sir George Martin, All You Need Is Ears

      "The music business will be revitalized by musicians, not the labels or Live Nation. When the musicians decide to put music first, instead of money, the public will flock to the fruits and the scene will be healthy again."

      - Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter


      • Imthere
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      Whoa, I've never even heard of a Barber Dual Discrete. Is that new?

      I love my LTD SR. Best gear purchase I've made in years.
      He was killed in the ring in Houston. By Tex Colorado. You know, the Arizona Assassin.


      Originally Posted by Dolf

      Decode: saying the things you wish you could say but you have tact.

      Good deals with: I forget

      Strat>LTD SR>Verbzilla>DT-10>VT-22

      For Sale: OHNOHO Chk Chk Boom ($40)


      • The Rover
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        So sorry to hear it man. I know the feeling. Someone broke into my apt 10 years ago and cleaned me out. I got some of the stuff back later by checking pawn shops and music stores. It pays to write down your serial numbers. Good luck.