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Ibanez TS808HW - Best Tube Screamer in the world?


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  • Ibanez TS808HW - Best Tube Screamer in the world?

    I have had many ts style pedals.
    Ibanez ts9, ts808, sparkle drive, od9 and more.

    Then i tried the handwired version by ibanez and i really thinks it beats them all.

    Uploaded new demo yesterday:



    My Youtube page with many demos:http://www.youtube.com/user/katarzis27My Gear Demos Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/KfirOchaion

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    You could be right... Great demo. Great playing. I am sort of over the TS sort of tone. There was a time that I was chasing SRV sound but I find it a little tired now. The Les Paul bridge pickup sounded best for me.



    • Texas Noise Factory
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      What makes the hand wired version better than the old regular run of the mill version?

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    I thank god bot a Bjfe LGW back in the day for some reason? i nvr quite got it till the other day,

    At first For me the whole pedal was just meh ....Because there is a secret chamber!!

    Turn the bottom knob full counter clockwise. CCW. Then when u strike a note 3 false walls will disappear and u will be in the kings chamber with an golden chalice...


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      Ihav a vint mij ts9 its purdy kreemy!


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