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Interface Advice Needed. Running Logic and sometimes Ableton.


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  • Interface Advice Needed. Running Logic and sometimes Ableton.

    Have $125 Gift Cert from Sweetwater so I was going to get something from there.  Willing to throw in some cash on top, of that money, but don't want to go crazy at this point.

    Two inputs would be nice, maybe even expandable?  I'm loving the sound I'm getting running both my AC15 and Princeton in stereo/dual so would like to be able to record both at once.  But would also like a guitar in for using with Logic's amp sims for late night use.

    I've got a i7 MBP w/Thunderbolt.

    What brands should I stay away from?  What brands to gravitate towards?

    Would it make sense to get a handheld/portable that i can just export tracks into the comp? 


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    If you think you can get by with a 2 x 2 interface (both for now, and into the future), either of these two would probably serve you well:



    The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 has two ins and two outs, and each of the inputs will work with line, mic, or instrument level sources.



    The two inputs on the PreSonus AudioBox USB are mic / instrument - there doesn't appear to be a dedicated line input function / switch for them. Like the Focusrite, it sells for about $149.


    If you need a 4 x 4 interface, I'd suggest considering this one:


    The Akai EIE Pro. It has four inputs, four outputs, and each of the inputs can serve as a mic, line, or instrument level input. There's a less expensive model, but it's 16 bit only, which IMO, makes it unqorthy of consideration. It's a bit more expensive than the other two at $249, but the two extra input channels and the MIDI I/O and USB hub are well worth the extra $100 IMO.





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      Thanks Phil.  One thing I noticed on both of those.  No monitor outs.  What would be a normal way to deal with that, using computer out, or just running the headphone out with converters to monitors?  

      I used to have a KB37, which obviously had all the inds and outs built in.

      A buddy of mine swears by his Duet, but I'm not willing to commit to that pricetag right now.

      Would it make more sense.. would I have more options.. if i went the used route?  

      I could always just spend the gift cert on a pedal based tuner (I'm rocking a 20 year old Korg)... or maybe a pedal.

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    I use Logic 9 and have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.  Very happy with it.

    New stuff every day on Gain!


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      not to hijack the thread, but a question to Phil:

      Have you seen any promising developments in Audio interfaces that utilize Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 ports?

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    I've been using an Mbox 2 and Logic 9 with an Axiom 61 for years and its still awesome. Never any issues to record.
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