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    I went through a phase where I was acquiring a lot of ok gear, nothing great, but nothing bad either.  After spending the better part of the day adjusting my guitars for the seasonal change, I realized I had a few guitars that I rarely played.  I looked at my amp collection and noticed the same.  3 amps that got 95\% of my playing, 3 more sitting unused.  2 guitars getting 50\%, 1 guitar getting 25\%, 5 guitars getting the little bit of time left.  I won't even get into how few effects I've been using, but I've decided to hold onto them.

    So I sold the unused guitars and amps and bought 1 amazing electric and 1 amazing acoustic, retired an acoustic to the cottage, and have money left over in the account for future upgrades, etc.  

    Fewer but better is my mantra these day.

    2013 PRS DGT in Tobacco McCarty Burst, 10-top with birds.  I can't say enough about the DGT.  I had a Les Paul, that I liked, except I couldn't bond with the neck, the DGT has the perfect neck for me.  Plus the fit-and-finish is second-to-none.  The coil-tap is fantastic, a lot more usable than any other coil-tapping I've tried.  




    The 2nd new guitar is a Taylor DN3.  I always prefer to install my own electronics into an acoustic, so I was happy to get this 2nd hand at a great price.  Not a lot to say about the Taylor.  Although it is a basic dreadnaught, it still is the nicest acoustic I've owned.  I really can't believe how long I've spent playing cheap, asian, laminate acoustics.  

    Taylor DN3


    A lot of gear was sold and traded to make this happen, but so far I haven't even noticed what has left.  

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    I still don't know what the **************** a haunting mids is, but what I do know is that I have never seen such an assortment of sandy, stinky, sopping wet vaginas e-assembled in one place in my life. It's like 300 The Decision-era Lebron's fighting over fuzz pedals.

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    Congrats, I'm not a fan of that pickup selector place but nice color.


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      It definitely took a while to get used to the controls on the DGT.  Now that I have, I really like the placement of them.  Especially the closest volume pot being the bridge pickup.