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  • Post your curtain pedalboard

    I'm assuming many of you have been inspired by jurdt to take up music. What pedals are you using to make your music fabulous?

    Currently I'm using a Lady Stardust fuzz (Vox tonebender clone), Catalinbread ottava magus, dunlop crybaby wah, danelectro french toast fuzz, danelectro fish 'n' chips eq, ehx pulsar tremolo, and a Digitech digiverb reverb. I really want to get some kinda delay that has a looper and some modulation sounds, like the boss dd-20, ehx, stereo memory man w/ hazarai, or digitech timebender, and some cool but cheap flange and chorus pedals. What about you? Feel free to post pics. I'll probably post some later. 

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    Smooth deals with: duncan, the_bleeding, MrSandMan, 6StrngStrangler, mmmmmchina, gproud, Onehourlater, driverhasabomb, bluehuricane, melx, TheErosion, gschmittling, BrianPhase90, roaring20's, ibentmywookieFender Custom Shop '52 TelecasterGibson 2013 SG StandardFender Deville III 4x10Oh Henry! chocolate barsPedals n' stuffhttp://bearflagbearflagbearflag.bandcamp.com


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      apologies, apologies. many a blotter and 2 rounds with a cockroach..

      i won

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    that little raccoon


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      I found a newborn raccoon and my girlfriend at the time raised it up and gave it to a shelter for wild animals. It was very cute. One little known fact about baby raccoons is they cannot pee without the mother licking it's privates. They will actually burst their bladders and die without that stimulation. So I had this tiny, blind, almost hairless baby raccoon for 1 1/2 days before I read this. I tickled his thing with my finger and he squirted really far for such a little guy. (Over a garbage pail.) He never came close to that distance or velocity again so he must have been close to bursting. My girlfriend fed him, Bart, with a baby bottle. After feeding he would roll on his back and happily say "Do me!" In raccoon body language. I miss Bart. I think this video was influential as to us not keeping him as a pet.