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NAD finished my tweed royal build yesterday


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  • NAD finished my tweed royal build yesterday

    here the soldered and wired amp chassis



    the empty cabinet


    cabinet loaded with a jensen p12r



    the wedding, chassis mounted into the cab



    back plate added


    the control panel


    blurry pic from the front



    sorry just quick phone cam pics which do no justice to the color of the wood

    it worked on the first firing up

    and i had an half hour test drive in the rehearsal room and all i can say is it breaks up very very early
    real band practice test will be on wednesday

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    I liiiiike.
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    Nice work! Clips?


    • t_e_l_e
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      imbuedblue wrote:

      Nice work! Clips?

      tomorrow is first band rehearsal with it

      i'm unable to record i guess

      what kind of clips? sm57 in front?, with/without holy grail enabled? just phone camera video to catch the room sound as the sm57 adds its own compression to it? should i test the modes it has, or should i just play my favorite sound i get from it? lots of questions... and the last i need to answer for my self first

      from the testdrive on sound, it seems it has too less headroom for my usage but it must be demoed with the band to get a real impression, but i'm already thinking about putting 6l6 in it instead of the 6v6's and i'm trying to find infos what else i would need to change to do so...


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    Indeed - that's fine Irish craftsmanship right there.


    Was it an easy build? Any problems?



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    • H.R. Shove and Stuff
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      Looks great! Reading the BYOC explaination, it seems to do a lot of things. I've found a lot of extra stuff is just bells and whistles and doesn't make a huge difference; let us know if you find that this is the case for this amp as well, or if the mods actually do something.

      Also, how easy was it to follow the BYOC instructions? Their pedals are very well documented, but I didn't have a look at the amp instructions.

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    Looks great!  I'm very interested in how it sounds and looks.  I have thought about picking one up myself.


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      Beautiful build, I've been looking at that kit as well.  Would you be able to supply the part #'s for the tone and cut pots?  I've been debating whether to get the BYOC kit or try to source my own.  (Although with the kits on sale right now, I might just get all the parts from them.)


      • t_e_l_e
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        finally made a short demo


        first 3 clips:

        lp custom bridge position->ehx lpb-1->ehx holy grail->amp
        the gain change is done by changeing the playing dynamic only

        4th clip is a little blues wank on my strat, middle+neck pickup
        in the middle a ts-9 kicks in

        i replaced the jensen p12r with a celestion vintage 30, now the amp opens really up and i put a sovtek 12ax7lps is v1 to reduce the input gain

        the sounds can all be done without any pedal or even better, but i didn't bother to do a demo of every possible setting so i used a rather clean setting with the pedals


        PS: does anybody want a jensen p12r 8ohm speaker?