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Will any 3 button foot switch work with the Digitech JamMan Solo XT?


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  • Will any 3 button foot switch work with the Digitech JamMan Solo XT?

    Hi,I'm getting a JamMan solo xt and am wondering if I can use a 3 button footswitch from a fender stage 1000 amp. I have a carvin amp and can plug the foot switch from that into my Boss me-70 to cycle through presets so I don't have keep bending down to change it. Does anyone know if any stereo (ring tip sleeve) plug and 3 button switch will work?

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    The only way to find out is... find out.

    Plug it in. Report back.

    I will say, IME, Fender footswitches are annoyingly amp-specific.

    That is, seemingly identical looking foot switches won't work with different amps.

    Also IME, the older blue & silver Digitech three-button will work as well as the newer black & white model.



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      Ok I will do that. I should get the JamMan at the end of this week. I did call our singer and had him look at the footswitch (which resides unused in the back of the amp I use for practice). It's actually a 4 button switch. 

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    kudos, thanks


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      I received my JamMan today. I ordered it Friday night past midnight. Got it in 3 days... thats pretty unbelievable. My first test was to use my Carvin 2 button switch because I haven't been over to pick up the Fender footswitch. It worked sort of, it will only cycle down.


      • the recluse
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        The digitech switch is 3 momentary switches wired to a TRS 1/4" jack.   It's actually a pretty simple build, the switches, jack, 2 diodes, and an enclosure are all you need (and wire, obviously). 

        Search online for the schematic for a TC-Electronic G-Switch.  It's the same circuit and can be used interchangeably. 


        All of that being said, I saw a digitech 3-button switch on ebay for $10 yesterday, so that'
        s probably even easier/cheaper than building one.