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Anyone here own or try the Mod Tone Buzz Boy Power Fuzz?


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  • Anyone here own or try the Mod Tone Buzz Boy Power Fuzz?

    Hey there, Musicians Friend is blowing out these Mod tone Fuzz Pedals.... anyone here own or try one of these. what do the knobs FIZZ FLUFF FUZZ do? my guess is that the fizz is tone, while the fluff is volume and the fuzz is of course fuzz.... can anyone here clarify this? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/modtone-mt-bb-buzz-boy-power-fuzz-guitar-effects-pedal

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    If... If only there was a way to hear these pedals in a *tubular* format, on the same computer *you* are on now, a sort of "Tube For You". Oh, I wish someone would invent such a thing!



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      Just got this pedal using M123 PM, $26.15 + tax.

      Haven't had much time with it yet, but first impressions are reasonably positive.

      It's somewhat in-your-face, as implied by the name and advertising.  Even toned down it won't be mistaken for a smooth, warm fuzz.  But it's somewhat versatile in that it sounds good at several different levels of mayhem.  I like it best at blow-out max.  With its narrow voicing and fairly harsh edge I'm guessing that it'll really cut through the mix, though that remains to be seen.

      Is it a boo-teek pedal?  No.  But build is very solid, it's surprisingly small, the LED is nice and bright, I like the sounds it produces, and it's pretty quiet as well.  So far so good.

      I'm not a fuzz fanatic, though, and don't have a deep knowledge of the bajillion different flavors of fuzz, so I can't say exactly where in that landscape this pedal fits.  I like many fuzzes, and this is one of them.