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MXR finally released that 'Tube Driver' pedal then..


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  • MXR finally released that 'Tube Driver' pedal then..

    but they made it a 'Custom Shop Joe Bonnamassa signature' pedal.. so it's

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    I was reading on other forums that they've sold very well. Won't be long until someone clones it.

    If you want something that gets you into original Tube Driver territory and uses valves, hunt for the Ibanez TK999. Get the USA version with black knobs as the Japanese version has a different circuit. Mine belonged to a member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and was a really good pedal right down to the BK Butler patent notice on the circuitboard.

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      cheers, i'll have a look for them now..


      it seems like the MXR's are a limited edition aswell.

      so since Tripps co-designed, maybe once this run is finished, they can work it into the Way Huge lineup or something? hopefully..

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    More than likely the pedal will be released in the regular MXR lineup with its colours changed and the signature removed. All of the JB FET drivers are sold at this point, so clearly there's a demand.
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      a tube driver was the first booteek I bought, Its a snooze of a pedal. still got it, collecting dust.