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Can a digital delay sound like reverb?


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  • Can a digital delay sound like reverb?

    Is there a way to create that ambient, shimmery sound of reverb using a programmable delay, rather than just making sound bounce around in solid echos? I just got a NUX Timeforce delay and really like it as a delay pedal, and I'd also like to use it for reverb. How would you approach this?

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    the SMMH can do nice reverb.


    you can try with yours too, never heard of it to be honest, but set the mix not too high, delay time relaly short, and repeats pretty high. should get you a tile-y reverb sound

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      what maca said: slapback with high repeats

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      There is a setting on the timeline's pattern mode designed to be usable as a reverb with low delay times. It does work quite well but that pedal has the smear feature that can be used to soften the repeat dynamics

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    The Vox DelayLab can do ambient delays which can sound pretty shimmery:







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      And check out the PGS vid at the 2:45 mark:


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    I can get reverb-esque sounds out of my timebender... set the time as low as possible (.03 sec) and higher level and repeats.. not ideal though, as im sure you have heard... its hard to beat a nice reverb tank or pedal..