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Had a bizarre dream about an HC member

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  • Had a bizarre dream about an HC member

    We went to a McDonalds and tried to order chicken Mcnuggets. All the employees were like gang members who didn't give a fuc

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    funny you mentioned that LSA, "and to get it oudda the way yes she was very desirable with her chuck taylors and betty boop eyes'", i do think that dreams play a significant roll in our / "my" energy transference...

    and the legends never die was a nice touch too...

    changes come w/ the whether...


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      yeah and uh i don't know thses things about bio bubbles but i ofter picture myself in and isolation chamber self inducing flashbacks...

      the kung-foo cowboy on the set was priceless, bravo...

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    If there's incubus and sucubus, there must be like nurdubus that invade your sleep so they can have a fuhtup time with you.

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      That's the classic homoerotic dream.
      http://www.youtube.com/user/eti313 (umm, how do we make clickable links in sigs?)<br>Deals: Tron Murphy, hangwire, renula, AimmarCair, Urinate Forever, ck3<br>Kudos'd


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        Who was the member, bubble?

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      Spies like us?