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myFXDB: keep your own Effects Database ;-)

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  • myFXDB: keep your own Effects Database ;-)

    2 new things at FXDB (EffectsDatabase):

    1. Random button

    There's a random button in the menu on top now which takes you to a random effect's page, but you can also go in the dropdown menu under "random" and choose for a random brand's page.


    2. myFXDB (YOUR EffectsDatabase): http://my.effectsdatabase.com/

    It's "just" a small start for some bigger ideas, for now you can:

    1. keep your want / have / selling / had lists there. These are returning topics on a lot of forums, now you can just refer to your list there or copy it (I'll also add import/export/embed/listview and other features).
    2. add positive/negative comments to each pedal, 140 char only (like Twitter), a kind of "light" reviews for FXDB?
    3. see results for your "want" list from eBay (worldwide) and over 40 other sites with auctions/classifieds at http://my.effectsdatabase.com/results when you're logged in (and the number of results in the navigation bar).

    Please don't exaggerate with the number of pedals in the "want" list, then I don't have to limit it :tu:

    Comments and suggestions are also very welcome


    For several years I had a few more advanced ideas for which I never had time, but with this I finally made a start and having users and some data will help.

    I'm also thinking about other uses for the login system there, like allowing some people (trusted users, brand owners,...) to submit data (info, pictures,...) to a queue, because it's really hard trying to keep up with all the new brands and pedals (19000 effects and more than 2600 brands on the site, but I also have a list of hundreds of other (small/custom/...) pedal builders/brands...).

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    great idea.

    i'll be on it as soon as i can do it off-mobile
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      gambit wrote:
      i'll be on it as soon as i can do it off-mobile

       I'd love to do that, but no experience with mobile development yet, so it could take a while :-/