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What's in the mail??

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    • Quote Originally Posted by Crxsh
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      Hmm... no lag at all for me. And the old pedalboard thread was what, 3 or 4 times as long as this one? Seems hasty.

      Fair enough.

      I primarily use my iPad on this site, and yeah, it takes FOREVER to load. Accessing it now took over a minute.
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      • Why are there phantom pages?
        <div class="signaturecontainer">Looking to sell:<br />
        Boss OD-2 - shipping plus whatever<br />
        Electro Harmonix HOG - $375 (does not have foot controller or expression)<br />
        Malekko Spring Chicken - $300<br />
        This1sMyne Custom Looper - $200 (PM if you want details)<br />
        <br />
        Good deals with: knives490 (x2), telechuck, tinypants, Whenboysetsfire, AngelofHop, Keevun, devnulljp, pk1fan, mrmjp, StopReferencing, aporcelainsky, twangr, Matt Howell, solewheelin, GibsonVMan, Steve@Russo, jmiller475, &amp; ibanez_dude</div>


        • Not a huge fan of loopers, but I'm wanting to add samples and sound effects to the surf band without having to change our quick and easy setup.  So I'm giving this a try. 


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        • Well, not technically in the mail but I pick it up Wednesday. its a surprise....
          Test Tech Wattson Classic Electronics<br><br>EL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


        • Oh **bleep** dude, rad. Hope you love it!
          Test Tech Wattson Classic Electronics<br><br>EL KABONG wrote: I turned down $25 grand cash for gay sex.


          • FFF

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          • ugh, the wait is killing me. at this rate they might now show up until saturday or next week...

            cab1   cab1


            yes, I ordered two... amps are becoming more of an impossibility for me at home, and I want to run stereo + use one for bass when needed. I'm going to run one as a twin with a tech21 Blonde as a preamp, and the other as a hiwatt with a Leeds, and the VT bass when I do bass. really hoping this solves my problems, the tech 21 stuff is great for cleans after throwing on some cab and mic sims in cubase, but total ass once the gain goes up/any sort of dirt or fuzz in front. if it works out, I could possibly even go ampless...

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          • Pork Loin is out the door and a Catalinbread CB30 is on its way. Stoked!


            • macadood
              macadood commented
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              maca's got a big haul coming in after months of no activity on the pedalfront:

              -Strymon El Crapistan

              -Surf Green Diamond Compressor

              -Diamond Trem

              -JHS Double Barrel OD

              -Frederic Effects Klone


              i think that's it

          • coming and going...


            • Shine-ei
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              MyNameIsRyan wrote:
              coming and going...

              me.... you before I wake up. 

            • MyNameIsRyan
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              picking up a sheraton tonight