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Anyone still have a Skreddy on their board?

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  • Anyone still have a Skreddy on their board?


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    Yup. The Skreddy Screw Driver isn't coming off my board any time soon - as in, probably never. I love that thing!

    I've got a couple of other Skreddys here, but they're not on the board... but they do see regular use. Marc makes great stuff IMO.



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      skreddy `top fuel' for me - never leaves the board...

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        Always on the lookout for a Skrecho


        • BrentMpls
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          companyman wrote:
          Always on the lookout for a Skrecho

          Vintage Mango Mojo or the newer model?

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        I kinda want to try a skreddy fuzz pedal. But... I dunno there is other stuff i want more
        Originally Posted by Naterel "All bands suck period"


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          I've never had a skreddy