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My new EP: "The Fabulous Exploding Lovers"

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  • My new EP: "The Fabulous Exploding Lovers"

    hey there, been busy lately, here's the result: "The Fabulous Exploding Lovers EP". 3 songs plus the chords for one song as a bonus ...

    get it here: https://tfel.bandcamp.com/


    just click BUY ME and set "0" and get it for free - i don't care for money, but for feedback!!!



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    MY NEW ALBUM OUT HERE: https://tfel.bandcamp.com/

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    cool I'll check it out when I get home. I like the artwork.

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      Bookmarked for when I get home!!!
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        Cum on people - its good, it REALLY is a good brew!
        MY NEW ALBUM OUT HERE: https://tfel.bandcamp.com/


        • brokenfixed
          brokenfixed commented
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          aight, just listened to the whole thing....First I wanna say the recordings are great, the tones and vocal processing are awesome. DId you go to a studio or record it yourselves? What did you use on the vocals?

          I'm sure you hear "sounds like Oasis" all the time so I'll spare you. I will say the songs didnt stand out one way or another with me. I dont hate it,..you guys are definate musicians...but nothing really "grabbed" me either.

          Take it or leave it, thats my honest opinion. Keep an eye out for my new EP, and give me the same.

          You guys from Italy?

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        Thanks, yeah we're from italy. Damnit - i thought that "sounds like oasis" we left behind with these new songs...
        I have a project studio in my basement and did it all there with some nice tube preamps, ribbon mics and some tape machine processing.
        Their is mainly a simple slapback delay on the vocals with some pseudo fairchild compression courtesy of liqid mix.
        I think "calling my name" sticks out a bit for me because of the spaghetti western guitat and "in my tree" is just soooooo sad sounding. "The best for last" with its repetitive lead guitar riff should drill a hole in ya head and the chorus - well - sounds a bit like oasis hahaha!
        When is your ep due?
        MY NEW ALBUM OUT HERE: https://tfel.bandcamp.com/


        • brokenfixed
          brokenfixed commented
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          yeah man really nice job on the recording and production. Sounds really professional. Makes me want to take my recording gear up a notch.

          "best for last" was my favorite of the three. I guess it had a little more "energy" than the rest. That lead part does stick with you. The fact that I remember something from all three means something I guess.

          Make no mistake I can listen to some Oasis from time to time. Not exactly the genre I write or listen to regularly but I can appreciate it.

          I feel like your songs could use a little more emotional dynamic vocally and musically. LIke you guys need to take a bunch of acid and go on a 6 month road trip, come back, and pour your hearts out. Ya know?...Soul, experience, character.

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        You are right. I have to become a drug addict! Haha
        MY NEW ALBUM OUT HERE: https://tfel.bandcamp.com/


        • gae86
          gae86 commented
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          sounds good!

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        thanks for the heads up.