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Playing through a hifi stereo?

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  • Playing through a hifi stereo?

    Just as I finally made up my mind about what my new practice/backup amp should be, I found out I'm pretty much broke

    It doesn't look like that'll change anytime soon. It's not like I have a gigging band nowadays, no recording plans, etc...

    So I need the cheapest possible way to play at home. I was thinking somthing along the lines of a sansamp pedal, something with a couple of decent amp sounds I can put at the end of my pedal board, and hook up to my -rather nice- stereo. 

    Anything in particular that's very "plug and play", compact, affordable, easily available on the used market, not too many bells and whistles,..?



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    Vox Amplug sounds pretty good. Many flavors. 50$ lately.
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    • thom
      thom commented
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      I was kinda hoping to find something that'll allow me to use my Denon receiver and Wharfedale bookshelf speakers. The Amplug is a little headphone amp, right?

      If at all possible, it'd be extremely cool if I could get really close to the sound of an actual tube amp. I play almost exclusively at home these days, and I'm used to playing through fender/vox/marshall/orange rigs. I don't mean to sound like a corksniffer, I'm probably not even in the financial possition to be picky...

      But I already have something generic that can "make do". A Johnson J-Station. Aside from the hiss and noise, the best sounding amp model is just not even close to the sound of the fender it's supposed to mimmick:s

      So I'm looking for somekind of serious upgrade, without getting into the price range of 1x12 or even 2x12 cabs. A challenge, I know. I wouldn't turn to you mahfakkas if it were easy, would I?

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    I have been really impressed with the Tech 21  amp sim pedals - I've only tried three of them (Blonde, VT Bass and Liverpool) but they all do a really good job of emulating the lines of amps (Fender / Ampeg / Vox) that they're shooting for, and they sound fantastic direct. Add just a touch of reverb or delay to get rid of the dead dry DI syndrome issue, and most people would never be able to tell you didn't use "the real thing" in the context of a mix.

    As far as playing through your stereo, it can be done, but proceed with caution. Stereo speakers often don't do very well with lots of distortion - especially at higher levels, so keep your volume levels down and don't push it, or you could easily fry a speaker...




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    • thom
      thom commented
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      Thanks Phil!

      I'm comfirming my order tonight. It's a tech21 character pedal of sorts;p

      The poor man's alternative I guess.

      A used tech21 won't be easy to find used around here, and a new one costs about the same -if not less- than a cheap 1x12 cab with a decent speaker...Which in my case would still be the better option.

      You mensioned the risk of speaker damage...I can't play at high volumes at home anyway, so probably no problem there