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NPD: Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver - keeper!


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  • NPD: Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver - keeper!

    Been wanting to try one out for a while. Picke dup a good deal on eBay.

    It's got basically one great tone. A nice hot overdriven crunch. Just
    played for a bit with my Ibanez TSA15 and Nighthawk and Telecasters. This is the
    mid gain tone I was looking for. A bit raunchier than the tube screamer circuit.
    The gain range does not change much past 100. The mid knob take it From
    scooped to mid boost. Great low end punch, does not cut off any bass. Smooth,
    warm medium gain. Cleans up well with my low gain Telecaster pickups.

    Now, I have the Tube Screamer in the amp for low gain dirt, the JD9 for
    medium gain.....next is the SD9M for higher gain tones.


    Worth a try if you see one

    SE Systems, pro-audio dealer serving North Carolina

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    I have one too, and my first impression was very positive. But the honeymoon was short. Too grainy for my taste and useless as a clean boost. I'll probably sell it and buy a MXR Custom Badass '78.

    Dont believe in anything, that way everything is possible.


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      What price range are used JD9's going for these days?