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  • Help me decide on dirt

    Could I get your opinions on adding dirt to my board?

    For years I have played with practically no dirt pedals on my board. Example...

    However, I've pretty much nailed down everything else I could ever want on my board (delays, mod, etc) and have also gone from playing purely folk-y music to something with a bit more variety of tones. So while I love my Tim (it is staying on my board for sure) I am ready to add to it. Here's what I currently have and what I'm considering.

    Zvex Mastotron - It's near the beginning of the board and I love it. It's the only pedal I've bought twice.

    Tim - middle/dirt section of my board. I've been using it was a tone shaper and love the boost side.

    EQD Musket - I've since moved it to just after the Tim but have never entirely bonded with it.

    The above I already own. The below is what I'm considering.

    Fulltone Plimsoul - I used to own one and got rid of it when I realized how little I used dirt. I do remember liking it though and would consider it again.

    JHS Superbolt - Will give me a real variety in OD tone compared to the Tim, prob a good compliment.

    Xotix SL Drive - Similar idea to Superbolt. Even though one of my amps is a JCM 2000 I never have them cranked enough to get that Marshall tone direct from the amp.

    W&C Tall Font Russian - Tried this in a store and loved it. It seemed to be able to nail the tone I always wanted out of my Musket. However that was playing solo where as I've read in a band setting it can sometimes get lost?

    Arc Big Green Pi - Same deal as the TFR.

    TC Spark mini-boost - Might be nice to have a boost although the Tim kind of already does this.

    Wampler Black '65 - Loved this pedal from the first time I tried it but never pulled the trigger on it. Maybe now is the time?

    WMD Geiger Counter Civilian - Considered a replacement for my Mastotron depending on the gig; not a high priority.

    Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face - I just want one to place before my board when I feel like it. Really, this will have no effect on my other dirt - this is just for me.

    So, all that being said, I'm looking at having the Mastotron still near the front of my board (before my Whammy) and 4 max dirt pedals mid-board, one will be the Tim, one will be a fuzz (right now it's a Musket but could change to a green muff clone), and the other two...?

    That's why we have gear forums.

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    You've got a pretty solid dirt section going on already. If you're not bonding with the Musket, try another Muff derivative. Wren & Cuff, Stomp Under Foot and ARC Effects all do Muff clones that are top quality and easy to dial in.

    So given that you're using a Tim (low gain), Mastotron (fuzz) and a Musket (scooped fuzz), I'd take your distorted gain levels up a bit. Huge thumbs up for the SL Drive, I've been playing one for a little over a month now with absolutely no complaints. Set to Superbass mode, both knobs at about noon, I get a nice natural Marshall sound with a ton of midrange and nice cleanup. Consensus is that Xotic really nailed it with this little pedal, and I can see why now.

    It's cheap, sounds great and won't take up much real estate. Couple it with what you're already using/swapping the Musket out, your dirt section should cover the whole spectrum.
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      You play folk through a JCM2000?

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    What about blackout effectors? Twosome maybe? Tons of dirt options rsnging from every muff sound you could want and then some. then there's their musket which is the muff half of the twosome.


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      Rothwell Tornado.

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    Mastotron -> Tim -> Black '65 -> Superbolt -> SL Drive -> Big Green Pi

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      The plimsoul is awesome for some higher gain tones!!! Also, ditch the spark mini, and go for the full size spark booster.. You have a three position toggle and a gain control then and can better, IMO, stack it with something else for differing amounts of gain