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Melbourne Forumites.. tell me cool things to do in your town

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  • Melbourne Forumites.. tell me cool things to do in your town

    I'm in Melbourne for the next couple of months, hopefully with some kind of job to sustain myself... 


    Anyways, what are some cool guitar/record shops to check out? I'm trying to track down both of Rowland S. Howard's solo albums plus the two These Immortal Souls records on vinyl. 

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    Deluxe guitars (probs the best shop australia has) is there.. but i would assume it's average in comparision to what you would be used to in the states..

    as for things to do in general...

    The great ocean road is a pretty cool road trip.. will take you about 4 hours to drive.. but you could spend the day stopping here and there drinking coffees.. swimming in the beaches.. bush walking whatever you dig.

    I'm not from melbourne so that's about all i can help with..

    there is a titanic themed restaurant that is pretty kitsch.
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      Awesome, I'll check Deluxe out. There's a lot of theme restaurants around like Witches in Britches.