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  • Quote Originally Posted by mdrake34
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    I've never played one, but isn't the LM a really nice fuzz face variant? Why use it as a low gain OD?

    Hi gain dirt don't sounds really good with a champ IMO, and the LM also sounds very good as a low gain OD. They both work very well together.

    With my Maz, I use it like a Fuzzface should be used
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    • Quote Originally Posted by guitardustin
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      ^^^^Awesome board dude. Just curious, why the Tim instead of the KoT? I ask because I own both and literally go back and forth everyday on which I like better with my setup. Both can cover different grounds but also still cover pretty similar stuff idk

      Thanks! Honestly, I'm in the same boat with the KOT vs the Tim. They each interact very differently with my amp and give me very different overdriven tones. Its going to come down to preference in the end I guess. I really like how high gain the Tim can get. I wish I had room on my board for both!

      Originally Posted by big_cat

      hands down the most valuable forumite

      Originally Posted by big_cat

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        • Quote Originally Posted by jordanjordan
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          *Old-school Disaster Transport mojo*

          Cool pedal

          But I think I'm not that much modulated delay fan.

          I probably switch it for some simplier delay pedal.

          Quote Originally Posted by Jenesis
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          *Silver Kiss mojo*


          SK mk2 stays forever.

          BTW I have also Trinity version, both fantastic
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          • Rearranged and added the Bass Driver.
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              • I've been rocking this for awhile now, but really want to change some things up for the fall...

                Oblig rig shot...

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                  • I wished I lived on the set of Little House on the Prairie too!
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                      This makes me want to chug whiskey and shoot things off the back of my horse.
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                      • Are you the invisible man?

                        Quote Originally Posted by npfrs
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                        I've been rocking this for awhile now, but really want to change some things up for the fall...

                        Oblig rig shot...


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                          • Added a T1M tap tempo for the Flint.

                            Think I might be done for awhile. Might give the Prince of Tone a shot at usurping the LGW at some point, but beyond that... I'm not sure what else I could try. Especially with the way the LMD is slaying everything I throw at it lately.
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                              • Quote Originally Posted by npfrs
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                                I've been rocking this for awhile now, but really want to change some things up for the fall...

                                Oblig rig shot...


                                what kind of music do you play?
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