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Got a killer deal on the Vox Delaylab, should I keep it?


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  • Got a killer deal on the Vox Delaylab, should I keep it?

    All in the title. I know very little of the pedal other than it kinda looks like a DL-4. Seeked out some demos and seems cool. What's the verdict around here? Anyone have one on their board? Any negatives which have come to light after extended usage? At the deal I got it would be easy to flip for profit. I haven't even plugged it up yet...

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    from what Ive read on here, the people like them but the size is the problem.



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      I'm torn on mine.  I got it for a pretty good deal as well ($130 shipped I think).  No doubt has some good sounds in it, but yeah it's big, and it does have it's frustrating points with it's interface (you can't tell which model/mode block is being used on any given preset).

      I've been debating dumping it for a Flashback x4... I think I'd have fun with the TonePrint editor.


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        the Toneprint editor made my decision for me when i was shopping for a big delay/looper pedal. i like to tweak delays to my own liking.. even if its just eq'ing the repeats on your favourite delay model so its 'just right' instead of being stuck to the manufacturers preset.. but it can do a lot more too.
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          Plugged it up last night. Couldn't just sell it without giving it a shot. Interesting. For some background I play  Kemper Profilier but have found I like to augment the FX of the unit for some more eclectic sounds. I currently have a Zoom G3, Zoom MS-70CDR, and Line 6 M5 I've been using for these purposes (though mostly just the MS-70CDR). While it does do some stuff the MS-70CDR doesn't, the converse is also true (actually qute an understatement). When comparing delay types, the Vox does  have a couple rather glorious sounding delays the Zoom can't touch but conversely for the weirder delays I much prefer Zoom. I don't have anything with as easy to use looper at the moment (though the G3 comes close) and I love the fact you can still have delay while the looper is going (use the hate it that my timebender wouldn't do that). But in the end despite really liking a few sounds, just not sure if it's adds much to what I've got. 

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            How is that CDR 70 for verbs?